Inga Heese

‘Dear Doctor’ Video

Filmmaker Jasmina Saleh details her struggle for an endometriosis diagnosis to explain her debilitating, crushing pain – and the reason she transmuted her experiences into a short film. Watch the film

­Cystic acne and endometriosis, S, 25.

I have been seeing Inga regularly since 2018 and she has treated me for severe cystic acne, irregular periods, hormonal imbalances, migraines, low energy and immunodeficiency, endometriosis and PCOS. Her gentle manner and knowledgeable expertise have guided me through many low patches and periods of ill health, helping to steer me towards getting diagnosed for […]

Infertility, amenorrhea. A, 44.

Inga is the best at what she does. I credit her with my pregnancy after trying for a baby for ten years and many unsuccessful IVF treatments.

Endometriosis, adenomyosis infertility & PMS

This is the case of a 31-year old woman trying to conceive. She had been trying for one year to get pregnant. She had a laparoscopy two weeks ago and was diagnosed with ‘mild endometriosis’. She was tired and depressed. I asked her to do a BBT chart to monitor her body temperature (The body […]

Functional uterine bleeding

A 64-year old woman came to see me. She was on HRT, taking monthly dosages of oestrogen and progesterone, mimicking the menstrual cycle, with withdrawal bleed every 28 days. Three months before, she had a steroid injection for a severe musculoskeletal pain, and after the injection she began to have continuous uterine bleeding for half […]

Pelvic pain and endometriosis

I saw this patient quite a few years ago. The patient was 39 when she came to see me. She suffered with severe pelvic pain throughout the month which had been getting worse over a period of ten years. Two years before her first visit she had a laparoscopy, and was diagnosed with severe Grade […]

PMS. D, 37, London.

Inga is treating me with both acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for severe PMS. I had very strong physical and emotional symptoms and felt I couldn’t cope.