Inga Heese

I saw this patient quite a few years ago. The patient was 39 when she came to see me. She suffered with severe pelvic pain throughout the month which had been getting worse over a period of ten years. Two years before her first visit she had a laparoscopy, and was diagnosed with severe Grade IV endometriosis. Six months later her pain levels were no better, indeed worse. Her consultant now suggested another laparoscopy, but she didn’t want another one because she could see it didn’t work for her. She was not on cycle suppression – a typical western medicine treatment – because she wanted, possibly, to conceive. She took codeine on a regular basis, which made working very hard.

She was also feeling very hot, drinking ice cold water; she had a fan running all day on her desk and felt like she had a constant fever.

This patient I treated for about one year with Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. After several weeks on the herbs she was pain free most of the month, and feeling much cooler, and gradually her periods improved and she was feeling better than she had for the last three years. After one year of treatment she and her husband decided against having children. Maintenance in endometriosis is always necessary once a patient has improved. As she was not trying to conceive any more this patient decided to go onto the contraceptive pill for now.