Inga Heese

I have been seeing Inga regularly since 2018 and she has treated me for severe cystic acne, irregular periods, hormonal imbalances, migraines, low energy and immunodeficiency, endometriosis and PCOS. Her gentle manner and knowledgeable expertise have guided me through many low patches and periods of ill health, helping to steer me towards getting diagnosed for long-term conditions and to encourage me when other doctors failed to help. Regular sessions with her needles have helped my chronic pain and chronic inflammation in my skin and my body, and continue to soothe my body back to a more harmonious rhythm, as well as being able to miraculously bring back my periods when they disappeared and still to this day play up! Her help knows no bounds, the support I have experienced both emotionally and physically under her care has healed my body and my mind and I am truly grateful I found her. Beyond the clinic her tailored prescriptions of herbs are something I take to this day and continue to improve the general wellbeing of my digestive health and extend the crucial anti-inflammatory work she does in the room. Acupuncture has helped me enormously to find alternative remedies where western medicine approaches have not suited me, but Inga’s specific attention to detail and careful consideration in her treatment of my conditions has always felt special and rare.