Inga Heese

I have had a skin problem in my vulva called lichen simplex for around 4 years. I have been suffering with intense itching, burning and skin changes. It has been a long journey, from understanding what was happening, getting a diagnosis, accepting it and then reaching out for support and finding the right professionals.

I felt lonely, ashamed, afraid and anxious. The doctors would prescribe steroids, and my symptoms would return as soon as I stopped them. At the same time these creams were making my skin more fragile and thin.

I am so thankful I found Inga. It is not easy to find someone who specialises in skin conditions and, at the same time, has a holistic view of your situation. Inga is kind, non-judgemental and has an amazing ability to listen to you. She is interested not only in your symptoms but also in other aspects of your life. Inga taught me what my skin condition means in Chinese medicine terms and that it is related to a major imbalance in my body built up over time. I also learned that my other symptoms I presented were related to this imbalance, for example acne and strong PMS. This way, Inga has tackled the problem from its root, very differently from how Western medicine practices.

I started having acupuncture sessions weekly, which have been a lovely relaxing winding down moments. Inga also prescribed Chinese herbs – a miraculous bitter tea I drink daily. I still remember the first day I spent without having a flare-up in my skin!!! It was such a relief to see things could change. I know my skin journey is not over; and maybe it will never be. However, I now have a completely different understanding and management of it. Having such a supporting professional with me on this journey makes me feel safe and confident. Thank you Inga!

A, female, 34

I have been seeing Inga regularly since 2018 and she has treated me for severe cystic acne, irregular periods, hormonal imbalances, migraines, low energy and immunodeficiency, endometriosis and PCOS. Her gentle manner and knowledgeable expertise have guided me through many low patches and periods of ill health, helping to steer me towards getting diagnosed for long-term conditions and to encourage me when other doctors failed to help. Regular sessions with her needles have helped my chronic pain and chronic inflammation in my skin and my body, and continue to soothe my body back to a more harmonious rhythm, as well as being able to miraculously bring back my periods when they disappeared and still to this day play up! Her help knows no bounds, the support I have experienced both emotionally and physically under her care has healed my body and my mind and I am truly grateful I found her. Beyond the clinic her tailored prescriptions of herbs are something I take to this day and continue to improve the general wellbeing of my digestive health and extend the crucial anti-inflammatory work she does in the room. Acupuncture has helped me enormously to find alternative remedies where western medicine approaches have not suited me, but Inga’s specific attention to detail and careful consideration in her treatment of my conditions has always felt special and rare.

­Cystic acne and endometriosis, S, 25.

I have a long history of chronic eczema since the age of 8 and over the years I have been prescribed strong steroid cream, light therapy and even hospitalisations.

When the dermatologist suggested that I try immunosuppressants, I realised that after 20+ years of steroid cream use, my skin was getting worse, not better. This coincided with new conditions such as breakthrough bleeding between periods, hormonal imbalance and miscarriage. After pinging back and forth between dermatologists and gynaecologists trying to suggest to them that my hormonal and skin symptoms are connected, their Western Medicine lens inevitably didn’t see these conditions as an expression of the same imbalance. I felt like I was banging my head on a wall and considered emigration to a warmer country to improve my skin and wellbeing.

Since I have seen Inga for acupuncture and herbs, however, my skin is far more manageable and I am able to live my life. As someone who has been using steroid cream for 25 years, this is my 5th year without using steroid cream to manage my skin; to this day I am still in awe of this achievement.

Consultations with Inga are a joy. I have learnt so much about my own body and it’s been an education and a process of piecing together symptoms and intuitions to make the right diet and lifestyle choices. Inga’s vast wealth of knowledge from an Eastern and Western approaches is astonishing and she pieces together different schools of thought and explains them in an accessible way for a layman, which is such a rare and special quality. Inga is a deep listener, a compassionate yet pragmatic practitioner. Her approach has been transformative and empowering, it has changed the way that I see my body and how I can use Chinese Medicine alongside Western approaches to support my health and wellbeing.

D, female, 34, London

My experience with Inga has been absolutely life changing.

I went to see her due to endometriosis, period dysfunctions and acne. After few sessions, I started noticing improvements to my skin and also the endometriosis pain had disappeared. My periods are now regular and I saw also great improvements in how they were presenting. I’ve always felt at each session that Inga was attentive to my feelings and my general health conditions. The herbs she gave me helped many other concerns and she adapts the prescription to any new concern that are arising.

Period pain, endometriosis, acne. S, 33.

In 2008, I very suddenly developed psoriasis all over my body and began my long journey of seeking help to control the condition. Over the years I have been prescribed methotrexate, ciclosporin, bath treatments as well as phototherapy but nothing worked long term.

5 years ago, as a last resort, I contacted The London Acupuncture Clinic and with the fantastic help of the lovely Inga Heese, my condition was finally brought under control with a combination of both acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I have clear skin now and only see Inga when I see a mild flare up. I cannot recommend Inga, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture enough – it has literally changed my life.

Psoriasis. S, 58, London.

Inga is treating me with both acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for severe PMS. I had very strong physical and emotional symptoms and felt I couldn’t cope.

In her consultations, Inga pays great attention to both the physical symptoms and their psychological effects. Her approach is very thorough and subtle. After a month of treatment, with the acupuncture being very calming, I have started feeling better both physically and mentally. The stress has been reduced and my symptoms are less invasive and more manageable. Inga is working with me to understand what is happening to me, hence also helping me cope better. I can only recommend her professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the human body.

PMS. D, 37, London.