Inga Heese

When the dermatologist suggested that I try immunosuppressants, I realised that after 20+ years of steroid cream use, my skin was getting worse, not better. This coincided with new conditions such as breakthrough bleeding between periods, hormonal imbalance and miscarriage. After pinging back and forth between dermatologists and gynaecologists trying to suggest to them that my hormonal and skin symptoms are connected, their Western Medicine lens inevitably didn’t see these conditions as an expression of the same imbalance. I felt like I was banging my head on a wall and considered emigration to a warmer country to improve my skin and wellbeing.

Since I have seen Inga for acupuncture and herbs, however, my skin is far more manageable and I am able to live my life. As someone who has been using steroid cream for 25 years, this is my 5th year without using steroid cream to manage my skin; to this day I am still in awe of this achievement.

Consultations with Inga are a joy. I have learnt so much about my own body and it’s been an education and a process of piecing together symptoms and intuitions to make the right diet and lifestyle choices. Inga’s vast wealth of knowledge from an Eastern and Western approaches is astonishing and she pieces together different schools of thought and explains them in an accessible way for a layman, which is such a rare and special quality. Inga is a deep listener, a compassionate yet pragmatic practitioner. Her approach has been transformative and empowering, it has changed the way that I see my body and how I can use Chinese Medicine alongside Western approaches to support my health and wellbeing.