Inga Heese

I felt lonely, ashamed, afraid and anxious. The doctors would prescribe steroids, and my symptoms would return as soon as I stopped them. At the same time these creams were making my skin more fragile and thin.

I am so thankful I found Inga. It is not easy to find someone who specialises in skin conditions and, at the same time, has a holistic view of your situation. Inga is kind, non-judgemental and has an amazing ability to listen to you. She is interested not only in your symptoms but also in other aspects of your life. Inga taught me what my skin condition means in Chinese medicine terms and that it is related to a major imbalance in my body built up over time. I also learned that my other symptoms I presented were related to this imbalance, for example acne and strong PMS. This way, Inga has tackled the problem from its root, very differently from how Western medicine practices.

I started having acupuncture sessions weekly, which have been a lovely relaxing winding down moments. Inga also prescribed Chinese herbs – a miraculous bitter tea I drink daily. I still remember the first day I spent without having a flare-up in my skin!!! It was such a relief to see things could change. I know my skin journey is not over; and maybe it will never be. However, I now have a completely different understanding and management of it. Having such a supporting professional with me on this journey makes me feel safe and confident. Thank you Inga!